December 7th, 2002


My suspicions were confirmed...

In the cities with a population of 500,000+, New York City was the 6th safest city in the country. Washington, D.C. was the 4th most dangerous, and Philadelphia, PA was the 6th most dangerous. Glad to know it wasn't just my imagination.

Camden, NJ* and Trenton, NJ were 1st and 3rd most dangerous in the 75,000 - 99,999 population category. Newark, NJ was 10th most dangerous in the 100,000 - 499,999 population category. Go NJ!

Of course, for my friends in Texas, Dallas was 5th most dangerous in the 500k+, and Houston was 10th most in the 500k+. So bite me. ;) (To be fair, Austin came in as 4th safest in 500k+.)

Finally, in the overall rankings (without regard to population size), Camden still pulls in at 6th most dangerous, Baltimore at 5th, Richmond and Washington at 13th and 14th (confirming that the area is a barren, post-apocalyptic wasteland - just like in Mad Max!).

Newark and Trenton, NJ still pull in strong at 16th and 18th most dangerous cities, and Dallas just squeaked into the top 25 most dangerous cities at 23rd. Better luck next year! (link stolen from penchantnyc.)

* - Camden is across the river from Philadelphia, more or less, so it looks like there's basically just a flaming strip of death and despair running across that entire area. Sweet!
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