October 23rd, 2002


Random geek news

1.) AmigaOne is due to be released any day now. After years (literally) of waiting, it's almost done!
Yes, there still are old Amiga geeks out there, there still is a company developing Amigas, and now there's about to be a new version of the OS! Woot! (It even LOOKS like a real OS again: http://os.amiga.com/os4/OS4AmiDock.php)

2.) IBM flushes restroom patent
IBM had a patent on a "system and method for providing reservations for restroom use". They decided to can it (rimshot).

3.) Phoenix 0.4 is on the verge of release.
Phoenix is a new standalone browser by the Mozilla team - faster, and lighter and with new UI features. Nice stuff so far.

4.) Pingback looks cool.
"The pingback system is a way for a blog to be automatically notified when other Web sites link to it. It is entirely transparent to the linking author, requiring no user intervention to work, and operates on principles of automatic discovery of everything that it needs to know."
Someone should get that shite integrated into LJ.

5.) Mozilla 1.2 is almost out, which features "Link Pre-Fetching".
Quick summary: it grabs content from the links on the page you're reading, so when you click them they pop up right away. Good if you read more than you click; bad if you pay by the kilobit.
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Multiple vendors' TCP/IP implementation allow packets to bypass firewalls

Note: I could've sworn this was a known issue and not something new. However, it's being brought up as something new, and regardless, it's an interesting issue for those of you not aware of it. This is pure geek-speak, so for those of you who don't classify yourselves as geeks or wannabe geeks, just keep on moving, there's nothing to see here. For the rest of you, this is potentially juicy stuff.
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