October 21st, 2002


Tongue pains.

My tongue's been hurting for the past day or so; I'm not quite sure what I did to it - bit it? Burnt it? Got it caught in a car door? God only knows. All's I know is that my damn tongue - the front of it - hurts. I'm thinking maybe I bit it, just because of the location of the (somewhat stinging) pain.

It's incredibly annoying - I dunno about your tongue, but my tongue tends to be in motion a lot, apparently, as I'm constantly reminded by the sting that happens any time it touches the rest of my mouth. And of course, eating (as I'm doing now, and am wont to do twice, perhaps thrice a day) is also annoying.

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Behind-the-Scenes Weekend at the Metropolitan Museum

I got an email from the Met, talking about a special weekend they were having, which sounded amazing.

"Join us for three unforgettable days of:
  • Private viewings of the permanent collection with the Museum's curators
  • Behind-the-scene tours of the Metropolitan's conservation labs
  • Talks with the Museum's Director and President
  • Focused discussions with curators on collecting
  • Dining in the Museum's galleries

This extraordinary weekend will include an insider's view of the special exhibitions "Leonardo da Vinci, Master Draftsman", the first comprehensive exhibition of the artist's drawings ever presented in America, and "Manet/Velazquez: The French Taste for Spanish Painting", a show featuring works by masters of Spain's golden age and the nineteenth-century French artists who drew inspiration from their work.

We invite you to participate in this new program with a gift to the Museum of $12,500 per person (does not include hotel or airfare)."

Yikes. Somehow, I think I'll be skipping that. ;)
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The ABC's of complaints

A is for aaugh or aarghh or aiya or ach
B is for bleh or blarg or blerg or bah or bollocks
C is for crap or crikey or ciminey or crud or crikey
D is for damnit or darnit or dawgonnit or d'oh
E is for eugh or eh
F is for fuck or feh or fark or fsck
G is for glah or gah or guh or goddamnitall
H is for hell or heck or hurk
I is for ick or iii
J is for jesus or jeez
K is for kiss off or keeee-rist
L is for lame or lordy
M is for merde or man (as in, "Aw, man!")
N is for no or nuts or nngh
O is for och or omigod
P is for piss or phaugh or perhaps pah
Q is for qurap (for our Muslim friends)
R is for rah or rurgh
S is for shit or shite or sheesh
T is for
U is for urg or urgh or ugh
V is for verdamnt
W is for waarg! (Yay for orks!)
X is for
Y is for yick or yuck or yeesh or yow or youch
Z is for zoinks or zounds

Feel free to submit more, and I'll update it as I get suggestions. I know, I know, some of them are weak, and hey, some of them are non-existant. Hey, it was a spur of the moment idea!