October 15th, 2002


Dead Man Walking

I saw Dead Man Walking today; I rented it on my birthday (well, technically the day after) but didn't get around to seeing it until today.

First the cursory comments: it was very well acted and very well filmed but felt somewhat unsatisfying; it didn't have much emotional resonance for me. I guess it was a little too detached in some ways; interestingly when you listen to the director's commentary (and I only listened to a little before I wandered off... well, to here) he's talking almost exclusively about actors and filming and sets and doesn't really get into the emotions of the piece for quite a while, and even then only touches on something before going back to the technical details. Now it's possible that's because he felt the movie spoke for itself, or that he gets into it more later as he relaxes, or whatever, but I dunno. All I know is the whole movie felt like that a bit.
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