October 3rd, 2002


2 year olds are cute.

Running into my room, my 2 year old proceeded to show off his newly bathed and dressed self.

"Daddy... my hair is clean. And *points to feet* my feet are clean. And soap." After saying this, he ran to the door, then paused and looked back at me. "My butt is soaped."

And on that note, he ran off.

2 year olds are still cute.

My 2 year old ran into my room again, and leaned forward and said "Daddy, smell my hair."

So I smelled it, and said "Mmm, nice."

He raised his hands up and pointed at his head, and said "It's yellow."

Then, after stopping to think for a moment, he asked me "Daddy, can I come in your room?"
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