September 6th, 2002


Signs you're working too hard

Yesterday while running the game plan for the next couple of weeks past the team, and discussing how to split up the disks in the DB servers, I told them that giving 12G to Oracle would leave 14G for the rest of the system... on a 36G drive.

Sigh. A gentle reminder that reading isn't the only discipline that's fundamental.
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"Nelson 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Just sign up with for free and listen to your favorite nelson radio station. All 7 albums!"

-- from The official authorized website of the Nelson Brothers, who brought us hits like "That sort of catchy song from the 80's you can't quite remember" and "Dum dum duh dum um I can't remember the rest":

(If you still don't remember them, take a gander at this: )

American Idol

Ok, so I managed to preserve the few brain cells I had left and avoided watching any American Idol, but now the stupid chick that won is all over the news and Jay Leno and everything. Bleh.

Ok, so I've had several clips of her singing forced on me by dint of laziness (I'm not going to generally care enough to switch the channel when they have a clip on the news or Leno or whatever) and I have to say this: not only is she not really good looking, but she can't sing for SHIT. I mean, really, it's appalling how little talent she seems to have. I don't mean to talk shit about someone I don't know*, but she sucks shit. She makes blood tears run from the eyes of marble statues, damnit. I know the American populace is supposed to have no taste and be totally undiscerning, but COME ON PEOPLE. I cannot believe the thousands of candidates they supposedly went through could only turn up THAT. Jesus.

* - Haha, that's a good one.
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