August 30th, 2002


Yay, what fun.

So the office had its fiber cut and the entire building is without internet and phones. So, we all went home to work from home.

I'm also having massive allergy attacks which are leaving me tired and sick and grumpy. Today's a great day, yeah. :P

Incidentally, no one can sing a song like William Shatner can. No one.
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My thoughts on baseball.

Because no one asked, I thought you'd all want to know what I thought about baseball, and the whole strike issue:

Baseball players are fat slobs who are paid around 100 times what they're worth. They're the laziest, least athletic "athletes" out there, and even when they're working, half the time they're sitting down doing nothing - and the other half of the time, they're standing around, doing nothing. The fact that they could even consider striking, for any reason, just proves that they're nothing but a bunch of greedy assholes. More money? They have way too much already, and it's ridiculous. They should be embarrassed to show their faces on tv, and anyone who's a baseball fan (specifically of the players, I have no objection to you enjoying the sport as a sport) should think about what exactly they're idolizing, and then slap themselves, hard.

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Out of it...

Combine a lack of sleep and benadryl and "out of it" is a... well Jesus, I am out of it, I can't remember how I wanted to finish that sentence.

Since I'm bored, I'll let you guys finish it.

Poll #56978 What should I have said?

Combine a lack of sleep and benadryl and "out of it" is a...

Anyways, I'm still rather woozy, but I'm going to see about getting some work done (since I took a nap for an hour just now until I was woken up by the building maintenance people).
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