August 29th, 2002


Best thing since sliced bread...

...for unix geeks, anyways.

Ximian is working on a command-line version of Red Carpet, called (appropriately) rc. It has a back-end process, rcd, which runs as a daemon, periodically querying for new packages and such, and listening for client requests. rc is the client app, which can either run against a local instance or against a remote one, if the remote rcd is set to accept remote connections. It's available in a new Red Carpet channel, rcd snapshots, and so far, it looks awesome.

Man, this is super badassness for admins... it's like apt-get, but better, and cross-platform. Woo.

ALA seeking to combat librarian stereotype;sid=2002/8/29/0059/76290

An interesting article on the ALA's (American Library Association's) methods. They are apparently trying to recruit younger, hipper, cooler librarians, and trying to get rid of the stereotype of the librarian as the dowdy old woman with the glasses and the hair up in the bun.

Hey, whatever happened to the stereotype of the librarian as the young, hot chick with the glasses and the hair in the bun just waiting to have her hair let down and be unleashed? :)

Anyways, enjoy. The article discusses the choice of image vs. values in promoting librarianism*, and argues that they've made the wrong choice. Maybe. (This may have greater relevance to some people on my list than others, hmmm... ;) )

* - I had really hoped I had coined a new phrase, but a google search quickly revealed me to be beaten to the punch - 84 links were found for pages that use the term "librarianism". Damnit.