August 12th, 2002


Being a psychopathic murderous vampire...

...can be an awful lot of fun. Spent an hour or so tonight playing Blood Omen 2, where you take on the role of Kain, vampire, and last, best hope for peace. No, I mean, for the survival of both the vampires and the human race. Yeah.

The nice thing about the game, though, is that you don't play a namby-pamby goody two-shoes type; you're a vampire, and your health is replenished by drinking the blood of mortals - and demons. Feeling a bit peckish? Pull out a wicked implement of death and destruction, mow down a few passersby, and suck them dry. Since Kain is gifted with telekinesis (as all of the modern, sensible gentleman mass-murderer vampires are) he doesn't even bother to pick up the corpses, he just sucks the blood right out of them and through the air in a shower of blood, and makes quite a mess of it as well.

There's something very therapeutic in playing a character who doesn't believe in mercy killings, but kicks his enemies viciously while they're down (resulting in them coughing up blood and not infrequently dying) and literally leaves no man standing in his wake. One of the most amusing parts of the game is, after one of the various pro-vampire humans helps you, the way you get to cut him down and drink him (or her) dry. Only suckers* trust a vampire. Then again, killing and sucking the lifesblood from the various prisoners who beg you to release them has a certain panache and appeal to it as well, especially the way Kain laughs evilly after giving them a different sort of release than they were asking for**.

After a long, stressful day, it really does wonders for my mood to go on a virtual killing rampage. Whoever said video games promote violence is an idiot and should be brutally murdered in their home. Without video games I'd probably have killed dozens more people in real life than I actually have.

* - pun unintentional, actually.

** - a delightful*** and amusing reference to the original Blood Omen from years and years ago, where one of the primary sources of nutrition for Kain was the various prisoners he'd find locked up around the place, and where, yes, he'd laugh evilly after killing the helpless saps.

*** - I really wanted to say "a delightful romp" but it just didn't fit that particular spot. No commentary on the joys of virtual mass murder is complete without the phrase "a delightful romp", though.
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