August 4th, 2002


Sometimes I forget why I hate people.

... Then, fortunately, someone reminds me.

nxdsquall (11:06:22 PM): Hey
EclecticRubbish (11:06:29 PM): Um, hello.
nxdsquall (11:06:42 PM): How did you get a permanent account on LJ?
EclecticRubbish (11:06:44 PM): Do I know you? If so, refresh me. If not, introduce yourself.
nxdsquall (11:06:56 PM): Im Derek from Live Journal
EclecticRubbish (11:07:30 PM): Ok, that means nothing to me. So you're just a random LJ user, right? (Random in the sense of "one of the half a million members I don't know".)
nxdsquall (11:07:54 PM): Ok tell me this, are you male or female?
nxdsquall (11:08:12 PM): Because you act like a girl, stop acting like such a smartass
nxdsquall (11:08:30 PM): Pathetic, I ask you once question and you become a sissy about everything.
EclecticRubbish (11:08:40 PM): I always act like a smartass. Is there any particular reason you're trying to insult me while asking me favors, or are you just a natural asshole?
nxdsquall (11:09:10 PM): Im straight unlike yourself
EclecticRubbish (11:09:28 PM): It was a pretty simple question. I talk to a lot of people on LJ, and I was trying to figure out if I know you. I obviously don't, which I'm thankful for, now. Cheers.

Is there something in my userinfo which is not obvious enough? Why the hell do I get so many random idiots AIM'ing me and asking for invite codes and permanent accounts?

Since I apparently wasn't clear, let me give a pre-emptive response to all those random people I don't know who were considering asking me about and/or for either of the above: FUCK OFF!
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