July 22nd, 2002


Debian ROCKS

muerte (1:14:27 AM): I did
muerte (1:14:30 AM): apt-get dist-upgrade
muerte (1:14:32 AM): musta broke the config
EclecticRubbish (1:14:37 AM): Debian ROCKS
muerte (1:14:41 AM): it does!
EclecticRubbish (1:14:51 AM): It's never been so easy to fuck up your system before!
EclecticRubbish (1:14:58 AM): Well, except maybe for Windows Update.
muerte (1:15:07 AM): Shut up
muerte (1:15:10 AM): you don't even know :P
EclecticRubbish (1:15:11 AM): :)
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Audience Participation day

Ok, so today's Audience Participation day.

Today's question is this: what bad thing(s) do you do when you're depressed, to get over it? This of course is potentially both embarrassing and could even trigger some people out there, so please, don't reply to it OR read the replies if that potential exists in you.
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