July 6th, 2002


Moulin Rouge

I just finished watching Moulin Rouge with my friend and his girlfriend. I'm impressed. It was good.

I find myself needing to make a few confessions. I know it's terribly un-masculine of me, but I have to admit I'm a sucker for a good romance. Moreover, I'm a (and I cringe when I admit this) sucker for pop music. I know! I know! At least I can say that I don't know any Celine Dion songs that I like.

Still, Moulin Rouge hit a soft spot on me. I really liked it - visually, audibly, it was stunning, and yes, I even liked the romance and the love story.

So, label me a sucker, go ahead. It's ok. I also liked Romeo + Juliet. I didn't like the stars of that movie, but I really like what Baz Luhrmann does, and he's obviously grown since then - MR was that much better. I just found out he's directing a movie version of Rent - should be interesting. I'll be sure to see that one in the theaters. I wish I had seen Moulin Rouge in the theaters. Ah, well. Next time. :)
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Most realistic vampire game yet

Vampire: the Masquerade: Redemption wins points not only for having one of the longest game titles in the history of mankind, but also wins for having the most authentic and realistic vampire action yet.

The tag line on the box says "Feel What It Is To Be Immortal." Boy, do you. The game is annoying, frustrating, and takes way too long. Oh, and it gets boring after a while - you find yourself wishing it would end.

They really nailed it. Wow. Color me impressed.
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