July 2nd, 2002



Someone broke into the office last night and stole a bunch of laptops and shit. That really sucks.

The cool thing? I know when it happened - because I run cronjobs on my work machine every 10 minutes (sar) and so I can tell when it was turned off down to a 10 minute period. It looks like they probably kicked it off by accident or something, I guess, or maybe ran out before they had a chance to grab my desktop (or just decided that it was too big to be worthwhile).

Ah well. That sucks - last thing a small company like this needs is to have equipment stolen. Why can't they pick on the big company with money to spare? (Answer: because the big money has real security. Blarg.)

America's Army

Because no army can ever have enough overweight, pimply, cheetos-loving 14 year olds... and apparently because someone in the armed forces has seen The Last Starfighter...

The US Army is releasing a series of computer games for free, called America's Army. It's going to have two main games, Soldier, and Operations. Soldier will be I guess like The Sims, except with fewer deaths, and Operations will be like any of the latest batch of tactical shooters. The first one, AA:Operations - Recon, is coming out on the 4th of July. How patriotic.

Holiday on-call

Jesus Christ. I just realized I'm on-call for this weekend. How the hell did I manage that? I wrote up the damn calendar myself. How'd I do that? Shit.

So now, from Friday morning to Monday morning, I'm on call. I even took a goddamned vacation day on Friday so I wouldn't have to come in.

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