July 1st, 2002


Test post with Drivel

So this is posted with Drivel, the Gnome 2 (only!) LJ client. It's not bad, and since it's Gnome 2.0 it's all anti-aliased (sooo purty... check out my desktop).

The client seems ok. I'm not especially impressed, but it might be a little better than the latest CVS version of logjam for Gnome 2. Hard to say. Both feel somewhat unfinished, which is fitting, since both are. Neither lets you use custom friends groups - boo.

Ah well. Back to work.


Just joined WebPerf, which is sort of like a free, open-source community version of KeyNote. We'll see how well it works, I guess.

The biggest problem: there seem to be almost no members. Without members, it's useless.
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