June 22nd, 2002



I went and saw Men in Black II tonight with a few friends, including penchantnyc. It was short - just slightly under an hour and thirty, if I recall - but a lot of fun. I haven't been seeing a lot of light-hearted movies recently, so it was a nice change. I can't say my choices have all been dark and brooding, but there's been more than a fair share of long, dark movies.

There's not a lot of plot to spoil, the trailers for the movie pretty much cover all of the real plot points. Tommy Lee Jones was great, as you'd expect, and Will Smith did a good job with his role as well. He has really big ears.

After that we went out and got Italian, which was ok, but not great. I tried octopus for the first time, which was surprisingly good - not at all rubbery like I was expecting.

I'm tired now, gotta get to sleep soon. Tomorrow I'm heading into Brooklyn for the Mermaid Parade, and then to get some hot 'za with the gang afterwards - supposedly the best in the city. We'll see. ;)
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