June 19th, 2002



Well, my brother graduated today.  Lawrence High School, class of 2002, yadda yadda.

I left work early, got home, and we all drove on down to see it.  When we got to the school, there wasn't half as much seating as was needed, so people were standing and sitting on the grass and anywhere they could find some space.  Great.  Meanwhile, across the way, the other bleachers (it was held on the athletic field/track) were empty, as people were only allowed to sit on one side.  Since the proceedings were at a 90-degree angle to us, it seems like allowing seating on both sides of the field wouldn't have hurt.

They began the ceremony, and a little while after that, it started raining.  When it got bad, we all headed inside the gym so they could finish the ceremony.  It was nice to go, but I could've lived without getting rained on (as I'm sure the kids graduating could've).

Next weekend my mom and brother are moving out, finally, and will be living in Brooklyn (yay!).  That'll pretty much sever my last tie to the area.  While I'll be back occasionally to visit my old high school (my 10 year reunion is coming up*), there's nothing else there for me anymore.  It's a bit odd, considering I spent over 10 years of my life there.  Feh.  Good riddance, I can't stand the suburbs.

* - Yes, I'll probably attend.  To be honest, I'm hoping I'll be the most successful person there when I go back, although I doubt it.  Still, it'd be pretty nice to be able to return with some bragging rights.  I wasn't exactly a popular kid back then (like I am now, right?  :P ) and I must admit I'd get some satisfaction out of it.  Still, how successful can a divorcee really be considered?  Now I just need to get a couple of promotions and find a trophy wife to hang on my arm.  ;)

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Turn your back on Bush...

...and get arrested.

"...anyone demonstrating or heckling would be subject to expulsion and arrest. The announcer urged that Bush be greeted with a "thunderous" ovation."



How sweet is that?  Big Brother is watching... what direction you face.  So if I face Bush and give him the finger, will I still get arrested?

(I'm not sure if I should use "amused", "depressed", or what for my mood.  You guys figure it out, I'm stumped.)

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