June 17th, 2002



Not feeling so great. Having an allergy attack, my face is puffy, my eyes are hurting and feel like they're going to pop out of my head, and my head is stuffed and hurting.

I think I'm going to go to bed shortly, i.e. way way too early for a sane person.
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Lunch at City Crab

I had lunch at City Crab today. It wasn't bad, and in fact was better than I was expecting.

I got one of the Lunch Express combos - caesar salad, a single (boo) crab cake, and peach cobbler for dessert. It was around $15 for the bunch.

The caesar salad was nothing special, just a caesar salad and not a particularly fabulous one. It needed more croutons.

The crab cake was very good, but there was only one. That's not lunch, that's a snack. I got it with the roast potatoes, which were fine, but nothing special. It came with cole slaw but I thought it could use some tartar sauce or something on the side instead - although there was a sauce drizzled on the plate, and it was good enough. If there were 2, I'd have been much happier. ;)

For dessert I had the peach cobbler, which had rhubarb and some other stuff in it (yum!) and a crumb "crust" on top and was served ala mode. It was surprisingly good, better than I was expecting.

Overall the place was ok. Not a wonderful place, but not bad, but too expensive for my taste. I can get better food for less, although any menu with that much crab on it is a good one, even at those prices. ;)
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