June 9th, 2002



...putting the kids to bed now, just taking a 30 second break to post. I'm back.

We got to my mom's place yesterday afternoon (horrible traffic, took almost 3 hours to make it there), painted for several hours, got dinner, went to sleep, then woke up and painted some more today. She lives in Bay Ridge, in Brooklyn - nice area, and the place she grew up. I like it, lots.

So she has a large 2 bedroom apartment, the second story of a 2 family house, with its own entrance. Not a bad place - but a lot to paint. We did the ceilings too, but not the hallways - still, that amounted to 2 large rooms, 1 small room, and a medium-sized kitchen, all the walls, doors, ceilings, etc. My hand hurts from clenching the pole the roller was attached to; it was a little too thin for me so to hold it steady I had to clench it pretty hard.

Also, as a side effect of painting the ceilings, I've got paint all over myself, including my hair. I washed most of it off of my face, but I look like I'm aging prematurely, I've got white streaks in my hair now.

I must say: women in Brooklyn are hotties. Definitely better on average than in northern Jersey - they far outshine the populations of Newark, for instance, or Jersey City.

Anyhoo, I gotta get 'em to sleep. More later.
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