June 4th, 2002



Ate lunch today at America, on 18th Street. It was big and open and had decent food, but wasn't particularly great. I had the crab cakes, which were pretty good, and my boss and I shared a plate of buffalo wings. He thought they were very spicy; the other guy at the table (the sales person who was treating us) commented about smelling the spice on them as they went by him, but I thought they were really mild. I guess we'd better not ever go to a Thai place together.

It was a fairly expensive place, but not as bad as I would've thought from the way it looked - trendier and more upscale than the places I usually eat. The lunch for 3, including 2 appetizers and several (non-alcoholic) drinks came out to almost $80 before tip. I wouldn't particularly recommend it, although if you're getting treated to lunch, it's just fine. ;) If nothing else, it's got a fairly wide selection of foods, and it's a nice change of pace from a lot of the lunch places nearby.

Incidentally, what happened to Citysearch? It got all ugly, worse than it was before. Ick.
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