May 19th, 2002


X-files finale

So the final show of both this season and also the entire series was on tonight. It was disappointing.

The first hour was devoted to recapping the major plot points of the series, and the second hour to theoretically wrapping it up. The problem is that it really left another 10 years of plot to go - so the question is, now, are they going to cover that via a second series, a movie (or several), or just leave the questions unanswered?

Anyways, I knew there was no way they could properly wrap up the series, esp. since most of this season has been devoted to one-shots (they've done some long-term plot wrapups in the one-offs, but not nearly enough), but I was hoping for better.

Oh well. Now I just have to start buying the series on DVD and then some weekend(s) have a massive set of X-Files marathons or something. Of course, that first requires being able to afford them on DVD... oh well, one thing at a time. Let me see how I stand, financially, post-divorce. Probably even worse off than I am now, le sigh.