May 15th, 2002



Someone posted a patch in lj_dev to move the order of the links in a comment page, so that "Reply to this" will be the left most link.

Does this bother anyone else? I actually preferred it on the right side, and I don't buy that good UI design puts the most important link on the left. In fact, I'd argue that since most people are right handed, it makes the most sense for the most important link to be on the right side.

Web pages have traditionally had link bars on the left. Why? Was it because it was better UI? I don't think so. It's because it's the only place you knew, on old browsers, that it'd always show up. With people having different width screens and browser windows, you couldn't guarantee people would see your buttons on the right side, or that they'd work right due to the fact that most browsers fold content under to the right.

I still like the links better on the right side.
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