April 13th, 2002


Background from the visions thang


If you're curious as to more background info, read that post and such. It's a long thread but sort of amusing... amazing to see just how childish visions can get. What bothers me most is not that he acts like that, but that after acting like that he's been reinstated as the admin for Client: Windows and has been forgiven.

It's one thing to be a bitch in private, but when you're a bitch and a support person - a support admin no less - that's simply unacceptable. Support is LJ's customer service, and the primary goal of support is to help people, not to throw tantrums because you don't like the fact that people are using someone else's client.

Sigh. Someone needs to kick him in the nuts, hard. It probably wouldn't knock any sense into him, but at least it'd be amusing to watch.

Anyhoo, I'm off to bed. G'nite all.
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Overtired... but I gotta get ready for the nyc_cuisine meet. Since I posted about it, I sort of feel obligated to actually go and show up on time. Honestly, though: I'd rather be in bed sleeping. This is why I don't go to dim sum much nowadays, it robs me of sleeping time.

Oh well. Off to shower...
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...from the nyc_cuisine meet. Had a good time. I'll post about it in the community later, but right now I'm going to have dinner and spend some time with me kiddos.
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Went to the nyc_cuisine meet (my post).

Today was a gorgeous day - surprisingly warm, and fairly bright and nice. Ah, spring... when people* shed their excess layers and frolic about. Had a really nice time at the meet (I still prefer the smaller ones - 6-8 seems to be the best size), and it was really nice being outside. I get cooped up inside too much.

Oh yeah, and I bumped into a couple of "rl" friends I haven't talked to for a couple of months and said hi, so that was cool too.

Tomorrow, if it's nice, I'm hoping to take the kids out to play in the park (where park == local school playground) and get some more fresh air. If not, well, we'll stay inside and watch some movies and play, I guess. I've got my window wide open, though, and I'm enjoying the breeze.

* - Well, let's be honest, I could care less if the guys walked around in parkas, it's the female of the species that I enjoy watching in spring. ;)
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