March 29th, 2002



Impressive stuff... look up Chris Thile, who plays the mandolin, bouzouki, and banjo. He's pretty freaking amazing... some really pretty music, too, much (all?) of which he wrote himself. He's 19 now; his first album was released when he was... brace yourself... 13.

Here's an excerpt from a review:

"From the musical evidence, though, he was a typical teenager in the way that, say, Mozart was probably a typical teenager. The level of playing and compositional skill, not to mention the imagination, displayed on Leading Off... is no less than virtuosic. And, incidentally, thrillingly so. Thile already proved himself a master mandolinist on this date (not to mention a pretty accomplished acoustic guitarist and fiddler, and a burgeoning banjo picker), which would be astounding in itself. But he also proves himself a strong, if not yet fully mature, writer and arranger. It's startling to consider that one composition ("Shipwrecked") dates back to when the young man was a seasoned veteran of eight years."

At the age of 16, he released his second solo album:

"In a way, it doesn't do justice to its creator to label Stealing Second the work of a prodigy. By this point, Thile was simply an awesome musician in full possession and control of both his playing and writing gifts."

He just recently released a third album; I'm thinking I may want to see if I can track all 3 down at some point. He also plays in a band, Nickel Creek. Their site is here:

Freaking amazing.
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