March 19th, 2002



Saw Smallville tonight. Very... unusual episode. No killer monsters or kryptonite-mutated humans, although there was a plant that freed peoples inhibitions.

So they used it as an excuse to get under the characters skins and reveal their innermost desires and thoughts, although as a viewer you already know them, so all they're revealing them to are the other characters. The big part of the show was of course when Lana got hit with it - she broke up with Whitney, her boyfriend, and tried to seduce Clark. How? Well, she took him into the gym's pool room, stripped to her underwear (oh my does she have a nice ass!) and dove in... and then got out, dripping, and started making out with him. That was more than a little unexpected from the show. I guess they got tired of dancing around the subject. Of course, at the end of the show everyone who is cured forgot everything that happened, and Clark played all innocent, so the whole half-naked dripping-wet makeout is nothing but a pleasant memory for him.

The interesting part: I found that she lost a lot of her appeal when she was doing the slut act. For one, the actress just couldn't quite pull it off, but I found that I actually really preferred her as a sweet, caring girl as opposed to a slutty seductress. I suppose there's more than a little sensual appeal to that type, but really, I find that it holds no interest for me nowadays. I want a sweet girl, a smart one, a geeky one, and one who's not afraid to be herself. They're hard to find, though, I will say.

Oh, and one with glasses. ;)
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