March 5th, 2002


New style

There's a new style that was released, called refried paper. It was created by idigital and you can see it on his journal.

I liked it, but a few things about it annoyed me a bit - so I edited the damn thing. Why? Well, most of all, all of the colors were hard-coded in. That just bugs me. My current colors were done with my old journal style in mind, and honestly were just there to be there, so honestly, they're pretty butt-ugly, but at least now they show up. It took me 5 minutes to clean the whole style so it actually uses the color variables like it should. Hrumph.

So now I need to redo my color scheme. Still, I like the new look. Now I need to ruin it. ;)

If you like refried paper, but want to use your own custom colors, you can use my style, which I have dubbed refried beans: 64182. Please bear in mind it only works for your journal view, I haven't changed the friends view yet. Not sure if I'm going to.

To see how your journal would look with refried beans, plug your username into this url:
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