March 4th, 2002



Nothing like doing the bills and working on the taxes that'll drain any spirit or good mood out of you. I'm beat, and going to bed briefly. Sigh. I can't believe how tight I am financially.

I've been bringing lunch every day, which saves me a few bucks a day, I guess. I make sure that when I do go out, I eat as cheaply as possible and spend as little as possible. I've cut back my 'discretionary' spending to minimal levels. I'm still broke as hell. Sigh.

On the upside: it should get a lot less tight this week, as I'm due something like $600 worth of paybacks/reimbursement/etc. from work, money I've loaned people, etc. That'll mean I can actually pay my bills without bouncing checks (or in this case, dipping into the ole' overdraft account).

I hope I get a decent tax refund. Filing individually for the first time, uh, ever basically. I might've filed as an individual when I was 17, because I did earn a few thousand bucks the summer before college. Then the whole marriage thing meant I filed jointly for every year since... until now. I hope it doesn't kill me. Actually on second thought chances are my parents just had to report my income on their taxes, I was still a dependant back then, doubt if I filed myself at all.

You know, I spent around $16,000 last year on childcare - I don't mean diapers, food, whatever, just on daycare, afterschool program, and summer camp. Basically, in order to keep my job, I had to pay people $16,000 to watch my kids. That's so insane. Sigh. How much did my wife contribute in 2001 to raising the kids? $0. Well, that's not true - she did pay for J's food on the weekends she had him - so maybe $40 or $50 on the year. Woot.

On the upside, I'm sure I can deduct that stuff somehow, and maybe get a slight tax break from it. I think the normal deduction is $7500/child, which'd mean I'd be at least $1000 over if I list the childcare costs separately. Oh well. Thank God I've got an accountant to figure out that crap for me*.

Anyhoo... enough babbling, I need sleep. Busy, busy, busy week this week (like this is unusual nowadays).

* - If you don't have one and are thinking I must be a rich bastard, I'd like to point out that before I had one I used the old standby, H&R Block, and ended up spending over $100 each time in tax prep fees (since I live in NJ, work in NY, and was married with kids, I had lots of forms needing filling out), not to mention that they did a shitty job of it. I pay a little more for him, but I'd bet I actually come out better financially, in the end, for spending the extra money. He also provides financial advice during the year, and doesn't charge extra for asking those questions (although I guess if it required a lot of time/effort to answer he would). So yes, I pay an accountant every year for his services, but I get enough help from him that it's well worth the money. (Is it called being 'on retainer' for accountants too, or is that just lawyers? Heh, you know, I sound like a rich bastard nowadays - I've got both an accountant and lawyer on retainer right now. A Chase salesperson called saying that I had qualified for a free month of legal advice, and I told him no thanks, I already had a lawyer on retainer. He was a bit taken aback by that answer, but apologized for bothering me and ended the call quickly. ;) )
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Things to do...

...a list for me, in the order I think of them.

1.) Finish taxes, send them off to accountant.
2.) Get LJ_Textmessage fixed (well, improved, technically) and send to Brad. Bleh.
3.) Write DNS paper and post on my site.
4.) Update NANS to work with Nagios.
5.) Update the rest of my Netsaint crap to work with Nagios.
6.) Clean up my local boxen, and get them backing up important data (mail spools, web content, custom configs, etc.) onto each other; burn everything to cd monthly (poor man's tape drive).
7.) Set up CVS repository on one of my boxes for working on my projects.
8.) Install new version of PHP on Moosushi when it's released, get squirrelmail back online.
9.) Rewrite gallery script from scratch; move gallery from my home directory to a separate url running on the other webserver (faster and has more disk space).
10.) Clean room, it could use it.
11.) Exercise, at least occasionally.
12.) Add multiple domain support to squirrelmail based off of user/domain. This one will require working on my php, I don't know it well enough yet, I think.
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On acoustic versions of songs...

Three possibilities.

1.) The acoustic version sounds like shit: this means your (producers|mixers|engineers) (pick one or more) are more talented than you are. Get back in the recording studio where you belong, schmuck, and be glad your undeserving ass is getting a free ride.

2.) The acoustic version sounds much better than the normal version: fire your (producer|mixer|engineer), as they're screwing your stuff up. Consider releasing only acoustic versions until you find replacements. At least you know it's not entirely your fault your album sucks.

3.) The acoustic version brings a unique and personal touch to what was already a good version: haha, yeah, right. You keep on hittin' that crack pipe, bud.
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