March 1st, 2002



...I'm really tired right now. Last night I ended up crashing at the office, woke up at 6 am this morning, started working at 7, wasn't able to finish up and leave until almost 6 pm, and then got called at 10 because stuff was broken, and am just now wrapping up. This is really exhausting me, i just can't keep this crap up for long. Sigh.

If I've promised any of you anything, well, I'm working on it. :) Dorm, I'll reply to your email tomorrow (crap, nevermind, it's past midnight - make that "today"). It hasn't been forgotten, just momentarily put to the side while I put out fire after fire.

Sigh, my boss sure chose a helluva time to step aside and hand the reins over to me. ;) Budget's due soon, contracts are being renegotiated and renewed, the tech department's getting reorganized, several people have been replaced, and a major new feature's getting launched next quarter. Woo. :) Well, it certainly keeps life interesting. And tiring, sigh. I'm trying my best to take on the brunt of it and keep it off the rest of the group, but I'm also trying to be realistic and delegate work when needed. I think I've been successful so far, but we'll see how it goes in the "long run"... which of course will be changing soon once we hire the new Director of Ops. Well, it certainly is interesting.

Anyhoo... bed calls. I think I'll be getting' goin' soon.
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