February 26th, 2002



feeling sort of grumpy and annoyed... don't want to do the taxes, don't want to read the stuff for work, just want to veg out or go to sleep.. but instead I sit here avoiding working, but not doing anything, and not sleeping... sigh.

I'm such a god damned idiot sometimes.

"Lucky Jim" was good, but between phone calls and im's I missed a decent bit of it. Sigh. Maybe I'll catch it next time it airs, if it does come on again.

Feeling blah tonight, and I'm annoyed, I don't WANT to feel blah tonight. Blah. BAH.
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Friends page - notes

Been pondering my friends list style. I've started redoing it, but only made a few minor changes. I'm trying to make it more useful, and trying to think of useful links to add. I really like the things nilesta's done with her pages, but a lot of them aren't useful for me and/or would take too much effort. ;) It's a really cool style but a lot more useful for active members of support and such; a lot of the links I'd never use.

I've never liked my color choices, but I slapped any random crap up there so I'd have something, and it's primary point has been utility - it's designed to be fairly easy to read (low contrast, legible font, etc.), and differentiate (i.e. links vs. text. vs. headings vs. whatever, etc.) and it is. Still, it's ugly, and that kind of annoys me.

It's also mildly fscked up - I took one of the original lj styles and modified it to get this one, and it doesn't quite work right all of the time - sometimes text doesn't line up nicely and such. Need to get rid of some excessive tables and such, too.

Bah. These are mainly notes to myself, just so I don't forget what I was thinking.


Ok, happy super-belated birthday to muerte.

I haven't been getting birthday notifications, wtf? Fortunately I added a link to the birthdays page on my friends list, so now I can check it easily. What a pisser.

The new iDeskLamp

So one of the designers got in one of those new iMac desklamp computers.


Crowds gathered around to watch it get unpacked.



It's a freaking LAPTOP shaped like a DESKLAMP.


I scoff at thee.

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