February 24th, 2002


Dave Barry explains the Enron collapse

Explaining the Enron collapse through simple financial terms
Knight Ridder Tribune

If you're an average layperson, your grasp of high finance consists of knowing your ATM code. So you're probably bewildered by this scandal surrounding the collapse of Enron, which had been the seventh-largest corporation in America.

Today we're going to explain the Enron story, using simple financial terms that you can understand, such as "dirtballs."

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The Onion Reports on The Enron Collapse

Report: Americans Would Be Outraged If They Understood Enron Collapse

HOUSTON -- According to an independent report released Monday, Americans would be outraged if they had a basic grasp of the details of the Enron collapse, in which company executives concealed massive debt while claiming profitability and then declared bankruptcy, bilking investors and employees out of millions as they made off with a fortune.

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I think it makes a nice companion to the Dave Barry article. :)
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