January 27th, 2002


Ice cream eating

Ok, next informal question.

What weird ways do you have of eating your ice cream, if any? Anything other than just using a spoon and eating it or just eating it out of a cone will probably do.
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Spent a while digging through old photo albums that were at my dad's place the entire time. Finally, I have photos of my family, and myself (i.e. photos as a child and infant and such). This is great stuff.. not only have I wanted these pics just for sentimental value, but these'll serve as great references - and reminders! I'm already remembering things I had forgotten, things that'll make great additions to this comic book autobiography of sorts.

It's all serving as more inspiration, good stuff. Also, I found some great photos of me and my cousins as children, and I need to show them. :) They'll probably get a kick out of 'em. I know I did.
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