January 16th, 2002


Health Update

Just so everyone knows, since I realized I forgot to post anything about it...

So I took my meds faithfully after the whole coughing up blood incident, and it cleared up amazingly quickly. I followed up by going to the doctor; he checked me out, and gave me prescriptions for 2 inhalers. First he was only going to give me albuterol, but I told him it does almost nothing for me, and told him about the cough and how that was the real problem. So then he wrote me a prescription for a 2nd inhaler, Vanceril, a steroid-based inhaler. He said I should take the albuterol first, that would open up the bronchial passages, and then take the Vanceril which would help the cough.

Well, I'll be damned, but it's working. For the first time in around 10 years, it's winter, and I don't have a bad cough. It's a weird feeling, the cough had almost become a part of me. I was used to having a bad (as in, people comment about it) cough for 3 or 4 or 5 months straight every winter, and then on and off during the other months. Suddenly, I'm not coughing, and it feels great. My chest doesn't hurt or ache or feel stiff and sore and tired. I can breathe without coughing, I can move around, it's really really cool.

So, I'm not in perfect health yet, but I seem to be over the worst of the colds/bronchitis/ear infections/etc. and almost rid of my cough and I'm rather ecstatic about the whole thing. I'm feeling better than I have in quite a while (maybe 3 months, 4 months, at least) and it's a refreshing change. (I still do cough sometimes, but much less often, and much less forcefully, etc.)

So, no green unhappy face for my mood icon this time. ;)
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Long, long day. Got back at around 10:30 for the 2nd night in a row. Badness.

Went to the NYSA (New York area System Administrators) meeting, then went from there to visit a friend in the hospital. That's where I spent last night, too. Stayed as long as they'd let me, then caught a late bus and got back late late (i.e. around 10:30 if you hadn't already figured it out). I'll be visiting tomorrow, too, but not for as long, I don't have the energy to do another night like that. Probably just go from 6-7 or something. I miss the boys, too, between the weekend and these hospital visits I haven't really spent any time with them for almost a week. :/ I called them tonight just to talk to them, I missed them. Sigh.

Got bills to pay. Had a few bills dropped on my lap tonight that were totally unexpected, and due just about immediately - nothing like the feeling of being told you need to come up with almost $400 on no notice. Sigh.

So tired. I need a vacation.
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