January 14th, 2002



So Sunday was interesting.

Went and saw FotR with my brother in law (his first viewing, my second). We saw it at the Loews Lincoln Center, on a bigass screen... not sure if it was the actual IMAX screen, but it was big enough that the theater had a mezzanine and the view from up there was still very good. The theater was also packed - several hundred people at least (I'm guessing it seats over 1000 - there were a LOT of people there, and the seats were very small, very cramped, and very tightly packed), almost every seat was taken - for a Sunday 2pm showing of a movie a month old, that's pretty phenomenal.

Before the movie, I took him to his first Indian restaurant. He had a lamb dish, I had the old standby, chicken tikka masala. I also got a couple of pieces of naan and a couple of samosas to start. He liked it (so did I).

After that, we went back to my place, had dinner, and then hung around for a bit and then watched Saving Private Ryan. I got it on DVD, one of my christmas presents (of sorts; got a few amazon gift certs, and I bought myself some stuff with 'em). It was a pretty good movie - not as good as some critics have babbled, but very good. It was definitely a lot grittier and a lot harsher than I thought Spielberg (sp?) would be - not in the violence sense, but in the fact that he actually killed off important characters and that the act of kindness earlier wasn't repaid by kindness, things like that. I thought he was too much of a softy to make decisions like that.

I will admit I wanted to kick the ass of the translator dude by the end, he was a gutless moron. I know, he had never really been in combat, and I know, he had never killed a man, and blah blah blah, but damnit, he listened to his fellow soldier get killed and just sat there crying, when he could've saved him. I know, I don't think I'd ever be a heartless killer myself, but I'd like to think if someone's life was at stake (someone I knew, someone I was an acquaintence of and fellow soldier of if not actual friends with) I'd be able to get the balls up to shoot the guy trying to kill him. I did think it was interesting the way the german finally killed whatisface... the whole slowly sliding the knife into his chest while almost seeming to try to calm him down was sick but fascinating to watch. I still think the gutless moron should've blown his brains out, but whatever.

Oh, and while watching Saving Private Ryan, I finally had my first glass of absinthe. It was very disappointing. Tasted terrible* (yeah, I did the water and sugar thing, didn't really help) and even though it was the real stuff, with wormwood, I didn't notice any funky effects. I only had one glass, admittedly, but I was hoping for something.

Anyways, interesting day, with lots of firsts. (For him, first showing of FotR and first Indian food, for me, first viewing of Saving Private Ryan and first glass of absinthe.)

* - I had licorice/anisette type tastes, and this one had a strong one, so it was bad. Some people might like it, but I'm not one of them. Bleh.