January 9th, 2002


The death special... or lack thereof.

So I went to Wendy's today, to pay my tribute to the great man that passed. It seemed only fitting that I eat at his chain of fast food restaurants, to honor his memory, and his deeds.

I was very upset to find, however, that there was no death special. No free biggie-size for mourners, no black boxes, no chicken nuggets made to look like tombstones. It was shocking. After all he's done, to ignore his passing. I know that he was a great man, and I know that a great man would've wanted me to get extra fries and a larger coke in remembrance of him. He would have wanted it that way, I know he would.

Dave Thomas, you may be a dead, rotting sack of meat, but your memory will live on in our stomachs.

My second favorite site

Animal Traction Network for Eastern and Southern Africa

It has fascinating articles (all available online as pdf files!), such as:

-- Regional and world trends in donkey populations,
Paul Starkey and Malcolm Starkey

-- Gender issues in donkey use in rural Ethiopia,
Kathy Marshall and Zahra Ali

-- Traditional sayings about donkeys in Ethiopia,
Zelealam Bekele

-- Donkey traction in Tanzania: some critical issues,
Hussein Sosovele (this one is a gripping read)

-- Social consequences of introducing donkeys into Zambia,
Rhoda Motya