January 7th, 2002


Quiet day today.

Stayed home sick, today, to try to recover from my bronchitis. LJ seemed to be down every time I checked, so I didn't really do any reading or posting. It's too hard to reach the keyboard from the bed, anyways. ;)

I slept in late, and then got up to discover that it was snowing. Wheee. Haven't had snow in a while, it was nice to see, but by the same token I'm glad I stayed home today. Can't imagine getting snowed upon would help me at all.

I read a little, too, which was nice. Had a fairly relaxing, uneventful day, which was nice. I'm still feeling pretty crappy, but I think I need to go into work tomorrow - big, mandatory meeting, and while I'm sure I wouldn't get penalized for missing it due to sickness, I would miss hearing what had to be said, and it's one of those reorganizational meetings I'd rather not miss. It won't affect my department much, but it'll affect those we work with in a very direct fashion. So yeah, anyways...

Talked with a friend online who's stuck in the "friend zone" with two cute girls (so he says, I've never met them, he lives out in Texas) and how it sucks to be there. I've been there often enough (and am there now, I s'pose) and so we swapped stories of could've beens and would've beens and should've beens. It's also funny to look back and see just how few people I've actually had crushes on. Dunno why, but I don't often seem to get interested in people. A few mild tinges but very few seem to actually qualify for "crush" or whatever you call it.

Heh. Nothing like swapping stories of failed chances at love to cheer someone up. ;) Actually, though, it did cheer me up, which is funny... it was funny to look back and laugh at some of the things we'd been through, even though none of it was funny at the time. I suppose life is like that. Good thing, too, or we'd all be suicidal wrecks.

Finished NOLF (full title: The Operative - No One Lives Forever), which is at once a spoof of first-person action titles, and 60's/70's culture and spy movies, and also one-ups them all by being extremely fun and well-acted as well. So anyways... now I'm done with that.

And, I suppose, I'm done with this post. Sorry for the relative pointlessness of it, just didn't have much to say.