January 3rd, 2002


Damned Food

Had inari sushi for lunch today.

For my drink, I skipped the coke and bought a box of jasmine tea from the sushi place, I figured I'd give it a shot. It's yamamotoyama tea, and they're a reputable company. Bleh. Not liking it. Too bitter, jasmine shouldn't be so bitter. Maybe if I add honey, but that's something you should only have to do for a western-style tea, I think.

The inari was ok, but the wasabi was lame - they gave me a big container of it, like a little mini-tub of the stuff, but apparently it was something they had whipped up in their kitchen. It was lame. Too watery, too weak, too bright green, and the flavor was off. DAMN!

So all in all it was sort of disappointing. I'll have to get some real tea and bring it in. And figure out what to do with my box of 15 more jasmine tea bags. All they have here in the office is Tetlea tea bags. DOUBLE DAMN!

And, once again, the wasabi was lame. TRIPLE DAMN!
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Ok, I'm sure everyone's heard someone use Jebus in place of Jesus at times. Right? Right.

If you didn't know, in the Simpsons (episode BABF11, "Missionary: Impossible", season 11, 1999-2000), Homer at one point yells out "Save me, Jebus!" No one's really sure why he does, though. Could be that he was just being stupid (real unusual, there) and mis-spoke Jesus's name. It could also be a corruption of "bejeezus" as in "I'm going to beat the holy BeJebus out of you." There are a few other guesses people took, as well*.

One interesting factoid I found out is that there is a "historical" reference to the word. The ancient city of Salem was conquered by people called the Jebusites. They renamed the city to Jebus. It was later renamed to Jerusalem. Jebus was the son of Canaan, and his people, the Jebusites, were descendants of the Canaanites. Jebus, incidentally, means "he will be trodden down"**.

Now, to backtrack to the Simpsons for a moment, Homer screams this while being chased by an angry mob, if I recall correctly. It's a minor point, but I think it's amusing that he'd call out to someone who's name is about being trodden down when you're about to be trampled by an angry mob.

Now, I'm sure there's more to it - anyone want to take a look? I'm curious if anyone can find anything more about it, I'd definitely like to know more, like a definite answer of where the Simpsons got it from, and also a good answer as to how it entered into (somewhat) popular usage - was it from people quoting Homer or is there another Jebus joke out there? I'll update if I find anything else out***.

* - http://www.snpp.com/episodes/BABF11

** - http://www.script7.org/genesis_10.htm

*** - Yes, this is incredibly pointless and random, but I got curious all of a sudden and had to know more. If it's any consolation, I wasted less than 30 minutes on my quest for the answer, and I was too busy coughing to do anything serious anyways.
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