December 30th, 2001


Hoo boy

Boy, when I get sick I don't screw around.

I was up all night, tossing and turning, with a pretty bad fever (and/or chills... when you feel like everything's ice it's hard to tell which one it is). My muscles was aching, and even worse my skin is sore. If you've never had the chance to experience this garden of delights, imagine if everything in the world was made of sandpaper, so that when anything touches your skin it hurts. Makes a great combo with the senseless tossing and turning.

Of course, I have a headache, and my chest is fairly well congested. My head probably is too, but if it is, it's not as bad as my chest. I'm also feeling out of it... almost dizzy, but not quite. A bit bleary. I took some Tylenol and now the fever isn't as bad, and the aches and pains and soreness not so bad either... I was able to leave my room without my teeth chattering. (I have the temperature in here turned up, I dunno, must be in the 80's.) For quite a while though I was actually shivering under a blanket, with warm, soft clothes on, and with the heat turned up almost all the way. Sort of sick. Still, fevers and chills are good, they mean the body's fighting, and I guess my body was fighting like a mofo.

So yeah, expect an overcast day, with periodic whines and frequent moans. Ugh. Sorry, I know I'm a whiny bastard sometimes.
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