December 21st, 2001


Hobbit-sized tricks

So I was reading a review of the FotR that said this:

"Here, one of the many delights of the early scenes set in verdant, bucolic Hobbiton is slowly realising that Frodo (Elijah Wood) and Bilbo (Ian Holm) really are half the size of Gandalf and not having a clue how Jackson has managed it. Some sort of digital chicanery, I'm sure, but who cares - it works. Magically. "

Hmmmm. Maybe I'm just weird, but I not only noticed a lot of the ways in which they did it, but they really bothered me. It was part of what killed the first part of the movie for me.
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From the mouth of dormando in lj_support:

The behavior of the friends view will be changing slightly very soon.

The new behavior will not show any posts on the friends page which are more than two weeks old (by server time.) So, now if someone has one friend defined, and they have no public entries, or the last time they posted was a month ago, the page will be blank. It will also probably tell them that they have no friends defined. I want to get opi fixing the styles with a new error, though.

Don't bug him, and don't bug support, but I thought you all might like to know that. Then again, most of you have enough friends who are frequent-enough posters that it's probably not an issue.

If you're wondering why they're doing it, I could hazard a guess - LJ currently stores the last 2-weeks of posts and such in a recent-use table on the db for quick access, and the rest in another table... so it cuts down on the work needed if they just render 2 weeks worth of stuff. That'd be my guess as to why it's happening, and it won't have much of a negative effect on most people, so it sounds worthwhile to me.