December 17th, 2001



Your Daily Horoscope for December 17, 2001.

Dear Nicholas,
It may only last for this one day, but you are amazingly optimistic and confident in yourself today! You are dashing and gallant, a knight in shining armor. Today, Nicholas, you'll be tempted to assert yourself regardless of the odds against you. By all means, embrace this new you. But be careful of your tendency to distort reality.

That sounds so terribly dangerous. ;)
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Another uneventful day today. If anything noteworthy happened, I'm too tired to remember it.

Tomorrow I have to be in at 7 am to swap shelves on two of our netapps; netapp1 is 93% full and netapp2 has a shelf that isn't even being used. So, the shelf moves to netapp1, and netapp1 stops being so damned full.

The problem is getting in at 7 means being on the bus at 6 means waking up at 5 or earlier. I'm going to attempt to go to bed now - I'm so tired, I just might make it. It's been a long day (nothing bad, it just has) and it's been a long month.

Oh yeah, one eventful thing - got the kids their Christmas presents! Wooo! There goes a whole bunch of money I couldn't afford, but it was worth it. If I can't get further into debt for my kids, who can I get into debt for? ;) I hope they like them, they should. I went the "lots of smaller gifts" rather than one or two huge ones, as I figure quantity often means more to little kids than quality, and quality is subjective - the $100 toy/game/whatever often doesn't provide 10 times as much entertainment as the $10 one, and sometimes it's even the other way around. I chose things I think they'll like regardless of the cost (and believe you me, I didn't exactly skimp - considering how much money I have to spare I spent a lot on them). I'm still not even sure I'm done - I may yet pick up a few more small things, just to round it out. They're a bit one-sided, they could use a little more variety in their gifts, I think. I hope they like them. :)

This sort of thing makes Christmas worthwhile - I hate the commercialism of the season, but just thinking of the excitement the boys'll show on Christmas morning when they tear into their gifts is putting a big grin on my face. I guess it's not all bad. :)
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