December 15th, 2001



Ok. That's now two movies I'm entirely too eager to see.

First, it was Lord of the Rings. Got tickets already, though, they've been sitting snug in my wallet for a couple of days already. Looks awesome, sounds awesome, definitely excited about it. I'm bouncing in anticipation; the damn thing can't come soon enough. (Taken out of context, that could sound bad.)

But then, today, I watched the new trailer for Spider-Man. Twice. Then I looked around on the official website. (Columbia?! COLUMBIA!? I wonder how much they paid for that damn plug. It's EMPIRE STATE UNIVERSITY! Ok? That was the comic book name of the school, which was obviously based off of NEW YORK UNIVERSITY! Not some shitty Columbia University blah blah blah. Bullshit.) Watched the trailer a 3rd time. Practically drooling now. I will admit I've got some doubts about the guy who plays Peter Parker (aka Spiderman), as his voice seems awfully whiny and dorky (even when he's not playing the role, which means he sounds even worse when he's trying to play a dorky student) and he definitely seems to be acting like he's acting. An actor should seem natural in his role; he seems to ham it up. There was definitely a lot of humor in the comics, some of it tongue in cheek, but he seems to be taking it too far. We'll see. But... visually... the way he moves, looks, flips, swings, even the camera work - fanfuckingtastic, I say. I was very impressed - it looks right. I wasn't expecting that. The movement was more dynamic that it is in the cartoons and such, which is impressive as the cartoons aren't limited by minor details like physics or cameras or whatever. Even considering that the action shots were obviously cg work, they worked nicely, and that one scene where he goes flying and flipping over and lands with such a solid thud on the hood of that cab - genius, sheer genius. I'm really impressed.

So, what have we established about me? I'll leave you with these quotes.

Dork or dork not; there is no try.

Fear is the path to the dork side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

I sense much dork in you.
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Friday night

I'm sitting here reading LJ posts about drunkenness; everyone on LJ seems to be either drunk or with someone who's drunk.

Holy crap, it's Friday night. I'm sitting at home watching Spiderman trailers. Am I a dork? Yep. I'm a dork.
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For a while now, I've been a subscriber to Bruce Schneier's Crypto-gram, a monthly newsletter about security and cryptography. I like it; it covers a lot of interesting topics, has good references, and is written by someone who understands a lot of the issues but still has a sense of humor about them. He has a nice way of slipping in little bits of humor in with everything else.

The first topic of this month's newsletter are the national id cards being discussed. Here's an amusing tidbit from his writing about it:

How can IDs fail in practice? All sorts of ways. All four components can
fail, individually and together. The cards themselves can be
counterfeited. Yes, I know that the manufacturers of these cards claim
that their anti-counterfeiting methods are perfect, but there hasn't been a
card created yet that can't be forged. Passports, drivers licenses, and
foreign national ID cards are routinely forged. I've seen estimates that
10% of all IDs in the US are phony. At least one-fourth of the president's
own family has been known to use phony IDs.

Heh, that's great.
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