December 6th, 2001



For anyone who hasn't heard yet: no, your account probably didn't really expire. There was a bug in the expiration code, it set the date back by 3 years (I think), etc. etc. It's been fixed, accounts have been restored.

Add lj_maintenance to your friends list. While you're at it, add news.


There's something about glasses. A cute woman with the right pair of glasses just gets that much cuter. It's a strange phenomenon, but definitely reproduceable.

Maybe it's the geek in me, I dunno.

Ximian Evolution 1.0

Well, it's out. I'm playing with it. I'm not entirely impressed. It's still buggy, it's still crashing, and it still feels not quite done.

It's got a lot of great features, and a lot of potential, but this just doesn't strike me as a finished product.

Part of the problem could be that I had been running several of the betas; it's possible there was old cruft left over that's fscking it up now. If that's the case, though, it should clean that crap out properly, it seems to me.

Oh well. It's still kinda cool, and is the only Outlook-like email client for unix, so that earns it big points. Having the nicely integrated contact list, email, calendar, task list, etc. is a nice thing, and the fact that it'll sync with your palm pilot just makes it that much nicer.

Ximian is at (*shock*):


Too many people have brightly colored, high contrast, totally wildly unmatchingly colored journals. They are tiring to read. They make my head hurt.

I don't mind people who have ugly colors in their journals, or stupid pictures in the background. That's fine. I'm not asking you to have good taste. Lord knows my journal's ugly as snot. I'm just asking you to choose a look and color scheme that won't cause anyone pain. Is that too much to ask?

So, stop it, all of you*. Right now. STOP IT.

* - If you are not one of these people, don't worry about it.

I Love NY

Sometimes people in this city are too jaded. I'm often one of them.

I was suffering from a headache, so I headed downstairs and walked over to Madison Square park. It's the near the Flatiron.

It's a really beautiful day today. It was cool without being cold, and overcast and dusky so there was a nice, cool flat light over everything.

I forget sometimes how beautiful the city can be; walking through the center of the park and seeing the buildings rising up against the sky was inspiring. The city is gorgeous at dusk, it really is. I love watching the people walk by, I love seeing the little details on the buildings, watching a leaf blow by, seeing a mother spoon feed her baby.

I forget sometimes to appreciate the little things. New York is the biggest, baddest city in the world, and sometimes you lose your sense of scale here. It's nice to pull myself back down to earth and see all of the details for a change.

I found myself looking up. New Yorkers never seem to look up, just tourists. Sometimes, though, having that sense of wonder at it all isn't so bad. We rush through our lives, but we don't see where we're going, we don't think about what we're doing. We're tough and we're thick-skinned; we wouldn't have survived the WTC attacks if we weren't. I think we miss some important things, sometimes, in our rush, behind our toughness.

I guess it's important to stop and smell the roses sometimes. We all have to let down our guards from time to time.

Ah well.

I love this city.

(I apologize for all the rambling I've been doing recently. I dunno why I have, I just haven't been able to finish a thought without veering off on tangents and losing my train of thought. Focus, Nicholas-san, focus....)
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