December 5th, 2001


More anti-Segway thoughts

wyliekat brought up an excellent point in response to my mini-rant about the Segway right here:

(Hopefully I got that link right, I typed it by hand...)

To summarize: the Segway is useless in climates where exposure to the elements is a bad thing. (For instance, rain, cold, etc.) I then also added in some comments about other things that make it less useful...

Really, it's a nifty thing, but in the end it's just a really nifty scooter and nothing more. They already had powered scooters, this one is just like an environmentally-conscious, deluxe-accomodation, yuppified* version of those. Nifty, but that's it.

Funny how the more I think about it and talk about it the less impressive it seems. At this rate I'll be joining in the crowds of people badmouthing it soon. Hmmm.

* - It really is a toy aimed at yuppies. Don't believe me? The first one is coming out at $8500, and they eventually are planning on releasing a low-end model for "only" $3500. That's a hell of a lot to spend on a damn scooter.


I sent an email to the support line of my isp pointing out that RFC-2317 style delegation isn't necessary and in fact just makes life more difficult for everyone.

This was their response:

Dear Nicholas;

We want to thank you for your concern and your added wisdom.

Thank you

[name snipped]
Megapath Networks
DNS Support Team

I sense much sarcasm in you... they could've just said thanks for the suggestion and left it at that. Added wisdom, sheesh.

I went out of my way to actually make it a polite and friendly email, too, so they wouldn't take offense. To be blunt, I bet I know more about sys admin work and dns than all of their support people put together. They're pretty good but most ISP's have, at best, mediocre people. *grumble*
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The other "senior" admin just tried running the BLI (block-level incremental) backup of our primary DB in the middle of the day, nearly took down the damn site.

Is common sense that hard to come by nowadays?

I'm going to lunch.


Funny. These tests are actually showing a real sense of humor now.

I am a Minimalist Cow Sculpture.

My massive green incongruity mingles with past stitched screwdrivers. Mango potential exudes around my recycled writing gastropods. I fire enraged plastic knees on webbed bags.

What smell fragments hot curiosity? The Utterly Surreal Test

From subbes.