December 4th, 2001


Almost BIND free! (geek)

Almost BIND free. I shut down one of my 2 BIND servers today, and in a couple of days will shut down the other. The only reason I need to leave it up at all is because a bunch of domains are still pointed at it, and I have to leave it up until they've all propagated to the tinydns servers. I emailed my ISP about delegating reverse dns to my boxen too, so I can finally actually assign my own damn PTRs.

Ah, it'll be nice... I'm not a huge fan of djbdns, but it's so much faster and smaller and more secure than BIND... it'll be nice to be rid of that crap. Woo!
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Damnit. I was working on making some changes to the BRONC setup here (we have a custom chef and to make our page look all nifty) and I accidentally overwrote the wrong chef file and now I have to try to recreate someone else's work from scratch, just knowing what it came from and what it plugs into.

(i.e. if you have a three step process, and you know A and B are the input and C is the result, I'm trying to create B from scratch... but B isn't just a value, it's a freaking perl script that interacted with perl script A to output html C.)

If I didn't have a headache before I think I will soon. Sigh. I hate doing stupid things like that.

Update: Thank God, my boss found a backup of it. It wasn't as different as I feared, but still, much easier to just recreate from that rather than from scratch. It works now.
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Ok, I'm going to post about it, because I'm tired of reading about it. Naturally, what better way to react than to add to the amount of crap flying around the Internet about "It" - "Ginger" - finally revealed to have the rather uninspiring of the Segway.

However, I think the Segway is the perfect name for it - because that's all it is. Everyone (mostly the press, admittedly) who's foaming about the mouth and stomping around declaring how wonderful it is should pull their heads out of their asses and take a look at it through the cold lenses of reality.

It's a scooter.

It's a nifty scooter, sure. It's got a lot of nifty features, yeah. It has some interesting technology behind it. It has some potential there. But... it's a scooter. Repeat after me: it's a scooter.

Now, I'm not saying it's not a worthwhile development, I just don't think it's worth even a 10th of the hype it's gotten.

The Segway is the next small evolutionary step in personal transportation. Note that I said evolutionary - not revolutionary. "Segway" is the perfect name for it, because that's exactly what it is - a segue from one type of transportation to another. I think, frankly, after the excitement and oohs and aahs have died down, that it will have very little effect individually. Nothing about it is new - battery powered, environmentally friendly transportation? Single-serving transportation? Another nifty yuppie toy? Am I missing any big points? I don't think so.

The Segway is the Star Wars: Episode One of transportation. We've been waiting for it for a long time, we've suffered through endless speculation and hype, and in the end, we got something that was good but nothing special. We had our hopes lifted to impossible heights, and now we see that what we got was nifty, but just not worth the hope. Sure, it uses some nifty technology, and it combines some ideas people have previously developed individually, but in the end - big fucking deal.

In short: the people who are attacking it as being useless and a waste of breath aren't seeing its potential. The people who are lauding it as being the next best thing since sliced bread are blinded by the hype. Please, drop it, and let's move on so I don't have to keep being annoyed by it.
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