November 30th, 2001



I took a sick day today. I give up, I need a day in bed feeling like crap. Took the heavy duty cold medicine, which will hopefully keep me knocked up out for most of the day. I doubt it.

It's sort of ironic... when I'm feeling sick like this I have a terrible time getting to sleep, even worse than normal. When I don't get enough sleep, I get sicker. It's an endless loop. What sucks is that I'm such a terrible night person, I often find it easier to sleep during the day than at night. I think in a perfect world I'd wake around 2 or 3 pm, laze around for an hour or two, get up, take a long shower, eat, and then get on with my day, only to go to sleep around 4 or 5 am, just before the sun rises. On late days I'd watch the sun rise, then go to sleep sometime afterwards.

Oh well. :)

In more positive news,
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Ugh, was just woken up by the phone. Passed out after dinner, didn't even mean to - and that was without the help of medication. This whole cold/flu thing is really draining my energy.

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Oh my... about painfully fruity*. I'm flipping through the tv looking for something to watch, and on channel 2 (CBS I think) they're having skating competitions. Nothing new there. But the guy skating... is wearing a black beret, and a hot pink and black striped... leotard I guess... oh... my...

Then amusingly enough the commentator comes on and makes a comment (appropriately enough) about having a picture in his head of some guy, remote in hand, who just turned in while looking for reruns of the XFL... heh. Too funny.

* - Please note that fruitiness has very little to do with being gay; a lot of gays are stereotyped as being fruity, but when I use the term I'm not implying gay. Just FRUITY.