November 29th, 2001


Tree Lighting

* Celebrate the joy of the holidays at Lincoln Center's annual Tree Lighting Festivities *

This Monday, December 3rd, WABC-TV's weatherman Sam Champion will host an evening full of festive fun and excitement for all ages at Lincoln Center. Our special musical guest is jazz great Wynton Marsalis, Artistic Director of Jazz at Lincoln Center. He'll be joined by Big Apple Circus clown Grandma and friends, The Big Apple Circus Band, the award-winning Long Island Voices Youth Mass Choir, Juilliard Choral Union, composer Stephen Schwartz, and Judith Clurman, Lincoln Center's Tree Lighting Music Director.

Bring the family and sing along!

This free event begins at 5:30 pm on the Josie Robertson Plaza, at 63rd St. and Columbus Avenue. Hot cocoa and cookies will be provided at the end of the festivities. For more information, please call the Tree Lighting Hotline at 212-875-5108 or visit


Sick. Woke up several times, went back to sleep. Woke up, sent an email saying I'd be late if I made it in at all, as I was sick. Went back to sleep. Woke up a little while ago, showered, ate. Going in to work. Sick. Ugh.
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U Washington Crackheads

Pine has had 3 releases in the past 2 weeks:

Pine 4.43 Nov 28, 2001
Pine 4.42 Nov 21, 2001
Pine 4.41 Nov 16, 2001

Maybe if they STOPPED and TESTED their SHIT before they RELEASED they wouldn't have to release a bug-fix every few days.

I like pine; it's my mail client of choice... but this makes it a really painful choice to make. I get more and more tempted to try out something else, like mutt, or whatever. I wonder if mutt has full imap and imaps support yet... last I checked Pine's imap support kicked mutt's ass. If you ignore the multitude of lame-ass bugs they include (for free!) in every version.


1Holy smokes, you've got X-RAYVISION ! Your answers show a keen sense of insight, coupled with a piercing mind. Okay, so you may not be able to see through brick walls ? not yet, anyway. But you probably enjoy looking beneath the surface of things and reading between the lines. Your X-ray vision lets you see things others can't, making you good at reading people's motivations, solving mysteries of all kinds, or maybe just finding misplaced car keys. You've got the gift, so if you haven't started using it, it's high time you did. Just think of the benefits: You could really start undressing people with your eyes. Winning lottery tickets and grand prize soda-bottle caps will be effortlessly revealed to you. So start practicing! All superheroes know that developing your powers begins with mental training. To start honing your X-ray vision, try looking for the hidden meaning in things. Read old English poetry. Do crossword puzzles. Think metaphorically. Once you've trained your mind, you'll be ready to instruct the eyes. Start with gauzey fabrics, then move on to semi-transparent glass. Keep at it, and you'll be seeing through concrete slabs in no time. Good luck!

Take it yourself here:

Thanks to weetanya for the linkage.

Temptation Island

So I figured I'd watch Temptation Island once, to see what the fuss is about.

Ok, there are a lot of attractive people... and they're stupid, obnoxious, and annoying. The show is boring, watching it is annoying, the only thing it provides is eye candy.

Am I missing something? Is there anything other than visual sex appeal to the show? The "game" aspect of it is lame at best, and listening to those little mini-interviews is painful. These are the type of people that I would never want to be around, would never want to hang out with, would never want to even meet. They're assholes, they're bitches, they're mean, they're stupid, they're cruel... there's no appeal there at all. To be quite frank I wouldn't date any of those women, no amount of physical appeal can cover up the fact that they're loathesome people. The whole show... they're picking dates with each other and cheering and booing at the choices... it's a fucking meat market and I can't imagine why anyone would want to watch this crap. You can see people getting upset and hurt over this crap... why would they subject themselves to this? It's painful to watch. I've done my penance, I watched one episode, never again. Ugh.


Why does TV suck so much nowadays? I need cable, the networks have all gone to hell. I need some Food TV.


Boggin. The closer we get to release the more I want to see those movies. I will admit I was never the hugest fan of the books, but I'm thinking it might be time to dig out my copies and re-read them - I last read them when I was around 12 or 13 and honestly probably just didn't have the patience to really appreciate them. I read a lot as a child but I'm seeing now that just understanding the words doesn't necessarily mean you can appreciate a book; I've reread books that annoyed or bored me as a child and finding them to be quite enjoyable now - they just require a bit more work than I'm used to putting into reading. I will admit, I don't like to work too hard to get through a book... I like to relax and unwind when I read. I like intelligent stories, to be sure, but I also like engaging, exciting stories, things that can be almost straightforward. (Then again, my definition of simple and straightforward don't mesh exactly with the average American's.)

Hmmm. The movies look good, though. I saw the preview of the movie tonight on Fox and it looked good... not as good as I hoped, in some ways, and I don't like all of the casting choices, but it looks good. I have to say, Cate Blanchett is really beautiful, and she's beautiful in the right way for an elf - I really like her as Galadriel. I'm not entirely sure about the way they made her up, esp. the ears, but I think she'll be ok. Ian McKellan is cool, I bet he'll make a good Gandalf, and of course Christopher Lee will be a great - if somewhat cheesy, I bet - Saruman. Still... the rest of the cast? I have doubts.

Elijah Wood? He might be a decent actor, I dunno, but he doesn't seem Frodoish to me. I like John Rhys-Davies but I hate the makeup job they did turning him into Gimli. I don't like Sean Bean as Boromir, and I don't like Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn. Orlando Bloom, I have no idea - he looks good for the part but I don't think I've ever seen him act before.

One thing that bugs me is the way the elves look - they have... pointy heads. They look like babies fresh after birth - their heads seem deformed. I don't like their ears either.

STILL... I really want to see the movies.

Simpsons quote from a tv ad (I may have messed it up, but it's close enough):
Mr Burns: Put my hand on her knee.
Homer: Ok.
Mr Burns: I said HER. And I said KNEE!