November 21st, 2001


Geekiness... leeching... away...

So I've been without DSL at home now for like a week. It's weird; I've started doing non-online things. I don't use my computer nearly as much. I dug out my Dreamcast and have been playing that some. I've been watching tv, which is something I hadn't done at home (excluding Giants games) for... well... I dunno, months? Years, if you mean on a regular basis?

I got to bed early, too, at like 12:30. I watched Seinfeld at 11, then the Drew Carey show at 11:30, then King of the Hill at 12. They were good. I miss Seinfeld, but I guess the show was getting tired (or at least the people involved were) by the end.

I wish I could get magical free HBO somehow, I don't want to pay for cable, esp. the packages that include HBO. I want HBO, the Food Network, the Cartoon Network, Comedy Central... and... well, local stations. That's about all I can think of that's worthwhile. I wouldn't mind some other channels - Discovery, or History, or whatever, but none of them are really necessary. HBO is good for movies, for shows like the Sopranos. The Food Network has Iron Chef and a lot of cooking shows I like (although I do really like the ones on PBS as well, and that's free). The Cartoon Network is more for the kids although I do like to watch the cartoons sometimes, and I like SGC2C. Comedy Central honestly tends to be pretty boring but has some cool stuff sometimes, and I'd like to be able to watch Southpark.

I think I can almost see my intelligence leeching away. I'm not even sure if I spelled leeching right. AAUUGGHHHH!!!!

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BT court date

Heehee. You have to admit they've got balls - or, perhaps, since they're British, bollocks.

A little background and summary: BT (British Telecommunications) discovered they actually hold a patent on the hyperlink. Yes, the little linky-thingy you all click on every web page everywhere. They announced they were going to start suing people for unauthorized use of it, and now they've gotten a court date for their suit against Prodigy.

It's somewhat like someone saying that they have a patent on, I dunno, electricity or something equally absurd.


...if I've been remiss in commenting, or reading, or whatever, it's just because I'm connectionless at home and well, you know, at work I try to work. ;)

I saw a bunch of people have friended me, and once I get my connection I'll look at all'a'yer LJ's and whatever else but right now I've got too much else on my mind.

And for some reason I'm posting like crazy this morning. (The nice thing about the native LJ client is I don't need to go to or anything in my browser to post, I just open it, and click on submit... so if you're curious how I can post and not read, that's how. :) )


My back hurts.

I'm sitting on the floor of my old apartment, laptop on lap, back bent awkwardly, as I'm on call tonight and still DSL-less in the old place. Something broke, I have to be online to fix, so I have to be up here. I should get the power supply, if I'm on too much longer the batteries'll die on this thing. D'oh.

Oh well. Hehe.