November 14th, 2001



One of my favorite online comics ever, and one of the oldest... Bruno is written and illustrated by Christopher Baldwin, and is funny, touching, extremely well drawn, meaningful, silly... it's one of those rare strips that's just about perfect in every way.

I stopped reading it a few months ago... dunno why, maybe I just lost the url or something. I refound it tonight, and I'm glad I did.

The main page is here:

If you're just interested in reading the strip, here's the first one:

I highly recommend it.
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From: the CTO
To: us
Subject: Announcement

I'm proud to announce that the second open source offering from Community
Connect Inc. was launched yesterday.

The open source software community is committed to providing valuable
pieces of software free of charge and usable with no restrictions.
Community Connect Inc. has been leveraging software from the open source
community for over 5 years - Apache Web Server, PHP programming language,
tHTTPD Web Server, MySQL database, Linux operating system and more.

Yesterday Dan Cowgill (Managing Developer), George Schlossnagle (Director
of Operations) and Ian Spalter (Designer Extraordinaire) launced the APD
(Advanced PHP Debugger) site located at
Please see the site for more information about what the software does.

Mmmm... yummy.

To take a break from the angst: mmmmmm. Food good.

Got samosas (2 - stuffed with potatoes and peas), a piece of naan, rice, and chicken tikka masala.

Mmm... soooo soo good. I've stuffed myself halfway-silly and I haven't even started in on the rice, just the samosas (with a nice mint sauce and a nice spicy fruity sweet sauce) and then naan dipped in the masala and with an occasional bite of chicken.

Of course, for almost $13 (including $1.25 coke from a local deli), it OUGHT to be more food than I can eat, but it is. :) This'll make a good 2nd lunch in a couple of days. Er, 2nd as in I'll get a 2nd lunch oiut of it, not 2nd in the sense that I eat 2 lunches a day. ;)

Oh and get this - my dad went to the chinese grocery and while there picked up steamed and baked cha siu bao! Oh, heaven!

I'm such a food slut. Give me yummies, I'm happy.


Oh my... this is just wrong, but I will admit it made me laugh.

This is an actual recording of a prank radio call gone wrong. A husband called up the radio station asking them to prank call his wife, who was home with their newborn, and to pretend to be his boss calling to tell her that he's fired.

It was going fine up until the very end...

Listen (~630k).


Had a combo-party for 3 people (well, birthday parties involve lighting candles, singing, and then eating cake here). The cake was interesting, it was a sort of red-colored chocolate cake, but it had a very rich and sweet cream-cheesey icing, with little flecks of nut on the top. It was pretty good - the cake was blah, but the icing ON the cake was actually pretty good.

And next to me, it's apparently lunch time.

*shlurp* *lick* *gulp*