November 10th, 2001



It seems sometimes like I'm the only person I know that's employed - I'm not, of course, but it feels that way sometimes.

2 more people have come asking for my help getting leads on jobs in the past day, bringing the total to around seven thousand, give or take a few. People are desperate, this market is terrible. I'm glad I've got a good job, I'd be in trouble otherwise.


(Thank you, God, for keeping me healthy and employed and sane (well, mostly) and able to care for my children. I guess for all my bitching I'm actually in a really good place in a lot of ways, I've got a steady job I like, a good place to live, two healthy, beautiful children, my father helping me, and I can support us all. Things could be a lot worse, and I'm grateful for what I have. So, yeah.)
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Time to shower and eat and get ready for the move. I freaking hate moving.

Today we're going to just concentrate on the heavy furniture and other non-single-person tasks. After that, if it's not too late, we'll do some of the smaller and lighter things, and then we'll just do a lot of single person trips over the next few days with boxes and such to get it all moved. Sigh. I'm tired, I don't want to deal with this. I hate moving, I just want to be moved. I wish I could afford to hire movers, although I'd feel pretty silly paying people to move us 3 floors.

I was woken up by unnecessary pages when one of the other admins did an upgrade on a production machine and forgot to disable all of the related checks in Netsaint, and then again by the kids and then again and again by them, until I gave up and here I am. Slept really poorly, too. Just what I need, right? :P

Ah well. Time to begin moving.
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