November 7th, 2001


Sod off

This is annoying. First visions acts like a spoiled bitch, but that's normal, so fine.

Then I'm working on installing Cyrus IMAPD on one of my servers here, and get it all set up to find out the docs a year and a half out of date so they had me do the wrong thing. So I reinstall it correctly (or at least I think so) and something doesn't work. I think it's likely a Redhat 7.2 compat. issue, but I'm too tired to work on it tonight. What a pisser.

I'm going to bed, this sucks.
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You know what's wonderful? A really old book.

I've got one of my mother's books, perhaps it was even her mother's, it's a copy of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare or something (I forget the exact title, but it's close enough). The pages are a nice spotted creamy worn color, and slowly fade into a dark tan around the edges, from age. The book is huge - probably 6 inches thick - and in a small, old-fashioned type... and the smell... marvelous! I love it, the pages smell sweet, almost, and have a terribly nice texture to them. It's a bit wobbly but hard-cover and just feels so much nicer to thumb through and read than a modern printing of a book.

I began reading through it a few days ago; so far I've read the Tempest and now I'm working on the Two Gentlemen of Verona. It's funny how much more I appreciate it all, now, it's so much easier to read than when I was in high school and makes so much more sense. And it's so funny - I've found myself nearly laughing out loud at some of the dialogue, I forgot how funny some of it is. Fencing with words, back and forth, it's quite amusing.

I'm very tempted to spend tonight in bed reading. Very. Hmm.

Wot ho

One by one... just wrote a script that will go through each of our VIP's, analyze the traffic recorded in rrdtool and find the 95th percentile, and then use that number to set up configuration lines for Netsaint and dump it to a text file.

Basically: you run the script and it outputs all the lines you need to add bandwidth threshold monitoring to Netsaint. The amazing thing is how -simple- it is to do, really - the script is like, um, short. But it's way, way useful. Good things come in small packages, I s'pose.
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From the New York Times

WEB SITES/Stickiest
Sept. 2001. Ranked by the average time visitors spent at the sites.

At home
Property / Audience (thousands) / Time per person (hh:mm)
1. / 171 / 4:51
2. / 1,403 / 4:22
3. / 257 / 4:22
4. / 971 / 4:02
5. / 3,789 / 3:22

At work
1. / 1,278 / 4:36
2. Greetingcards.msn / 541 / 3:12
3. / 365 / 2:35
4. / 24,885 / 2:34
5. / 3,489 / 2:22

Ba-dum-bum. We bad.

Homeward bound

Going home now... having a cake and celebrating my son's 2 year old birthday tonight. :) Yay. Should be cool, although we'll probably have a bigger "real" party after the move. I'll post pics! :)

Dum de dum... the building management leaves me a note today saying my rent is past due and I've got a 10% penalty applied to it, as it's after the 5th. That'd be fine, as those are the terms of the lease.

However - HOWEVER - the head person in the management office told me not to pay yet as they hadn't gotten me into the new place, so she'd split the difference in rent with me - i.e. if it took me 2 weeks to get in I'd pay 2 weeks of the old rent and 2 weeks of the new. Fine.

So what now? Now I'm sending them a check for the full amount along with an annoyed letter. I expect a little taken out of my next month's rent. So annoying.

Normally they're so good downstairs, but recently they've just been stupid. I dunno why. I have a headache.

Oh, and M's birthday went well. I'll post pics later tonight or maybe in a few days. Tired.
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