November 6th, 2001



My horoscope for today:

Over the next 4 days, you will probably not be the most pleasant person to be around. The transiting Sun is building a square to the ruler of your 4th house, generating edgy vibes in and around you. To find release, you might dig up an old conflict with someone in your family and start the sparring again. What's really going on here? Perhaps in truth, you just don't want to focus on your own personal issues because they are too painful. Get a handle on whatever it is that's bugging you, and leave your family alone!


Life is just fucked up. Too, too, too, too fucked up.

Nothing in particular kicked that off, just re-realizing it. I do that, every day or two. :P

So yeah, life is majorly fucked up. So weird. I need a vacation, this whole dealing with life thing is bugging me.