October 31st, 2001



I discovered last night after I got home that the pants I wore yesterday had a hole in them. It wasn't a huge one, but it was large enough to be seen, and it wasn't in a compromising area, it was on the leg, but it still wasn't a good thing.

Now, it's certainly possible that most people didn't notice it, but I seriously doubt that no one saw it. Not a single person mentioned it.

That sort of annoys me. I hadn't noticed it before putting them on, and I wish someone had mentioned it - I wore them on Monday as well and they might've had that hole then too. People are too damn polite and too damn sensitive nowadays. If you see something, say it. Say it nicely, and be considerate, but be honest. Yeah, it'll embarrass or hurt or whatever when you say it, but it'll prevent a lot more hurt and/or embarrassment in the long run. If you're too afraid to point it out in person or don't want to announce it to the universe, tell me over aim or email. (Hell, tell 'em via email either way, it's much easier to take something embarrassing or painful (but true) over email than face to face, often, and it gives you more time to think about what you say to make sure your words are no more hurtful than they have to be to convey the truth.) By not telling me, you cause more embarrassment in the long run. Although I will admit other than a minute or two of fretting there was a noticeable lack of embarrassment on my part, things like that bother me less nowadays. The way I appear to other people in general matters less to me nowadays than it used to. I s'pose that's a good thing overall.

The moral of the story is: if you ever meet me and there's a hole in my pants, tell me.


Once again proving that the pursuit of sleep is a futile one for me, I was paged awake at around 3 am last night, and then paged again at 3:30 or so just to make sure I was really awake.

Basically the oncall admin forgot to acknowledge the problem in Netsaint, and so the automatic problem escalation escalated the problem to the backup admin, namely, ME. Grrr. I bitched out the admin over email, as it's not the first time he's done it. Bloody hell, it was even the other senior admin, not like one of the juniors did it. It really pisses me off, it's so damn rude and inconsiderate. Forgetting once is one thing, but he's pulled this schtick a couple dozen times at least.


Between that, getting to bed later than I intended, and just not sleeping well, I'm feeling like complete and utter shite. Great. I can barely even keep my eyes open (I've currently got that squinty look on my face as I'm fighting to keep both eyes open simultaneously). Fortunately my typing skills aren't related to or dependant upon my eyesight.


I've had like 6 or 8 types/brands/varieties of port at this point, and I still have yet to find anything that tops a Taylor Fladgate tawny that's been aged in wood. You just can't beat it. Yum.

Heh, I was shopping in Warehouse Wines and Spirits downtown yesterday and talking to one of the people that work there about port, asking him about a few different bottles and their flavor, and the guy next to me asked me eagerly* if I was some sort of port expert, like a taster or something. I was amused. I told him no, I just enjoy drinking it.

* - Yeah, eagerly. He acted like he was meeting a celebrity or something, almost. It was cute.

Believe it or not...

I'm walking on air,
duh dah dah dum dum dum dee dum dum dum dah
dum dah dah dah dum on a wing and a prayer
ooooh oooh it's just me...
believe it or not, it's just me!

The Greatest American Hero rocked. I loved that show. I miss it. *sniffle*

On an unrelated note: no matter how much it may tempt you, when eating spicy foods do not apply the spicy oil to the surface of your eyes. That's a little tip, some free advice from me.


I went to Kebab King and I decided to go crazy... got chicken curry with rice, a chicken kebab, and a piece of naan. The naan was fresh - the guy took the little ball of dough and slapped it around and baked it while I waited. Baked fast, too.

The chicken curry was very oily, but it seems to be hot oil - it was surprisingly spicy and my belly has that burbling warm feel. It was ok other than the fact that I was thinking I should've asked for more curry with my oil. Also, the guy put it in the bag sideways so it leaked all over, but fortunately it was mostly oil that leaked out. Maybe he did it intentionally as a way to skim the oil. *cough*

The naan was ok, but Joy (the place up on 28th or whatever where I get my chicken tikka masala) makes better naan.

The rice was rice.

The kebab tasted like a pork sausage or something kinda. I wonder if they gave me chicken. I think it was some other type of meat. Maybe that goat stuff they serve. The original one they got for me they dropped on the ground and maybe they guy who replaced it thought I ordered a goat kebab. It wasn't heated up either.

Still overall it was pretty good - a lot of food, too, although for $8.50 it better be. If I do it again, no kebab (saving me $1.50) and no oil in my eye.

Also, eating random bits of chicken and getting the meat off the bones without soaking your desk in sauce and bits of chicken and without breaking your silverware requires not using plasticware.

I hope you've learned your lesson.

Cool night.

So I got home and picked up J with my dad and took him to the Halloween party at his friend's place. Then we came back and ate dinner and then picked him up and took him trick or treating.

We drove around looking for a place to park and disembark from, and most places looked really lame. All the lights were off, things were dark, and in general not many trick or treaters were around. We drove by J's friend's house, A, and it looked like they were having a party, lots of kids there. My dad was going to park nearby as the block was the best lit of the ones we had passed so far, but I ushered him on - J hadn't been invited if they were doing something and I really didn't want him getting hurt if he saw a party going on and realized he had been left out. It's possible it wasn't a party just a big group of trick or treaters all hitting at once, but whatever.

So we drove on and stopped a few blocks away. It started off slowly but then we noticed large crowds around one street and a police car blocking it, with flares and everything. I figured maybe a fight broke out, or something, or some big party got out of hand. We walked past it and kept going.

On the way back up the street, we stopped by the place I thought must've been a bed and breakfast. I was wrong. It was one really fucking BIG house. Good lord. As far as I can tell, it looks like they bought three adjourning houses and then merged them and attempted to make it look like one big place. It was 2 or 3 stories, nothing unusual but around 4x as long as the average house, like some sort of a massive version of a ranch house.

Anyways we got back to the "crime scene" and it turned out to be an entire block cordoned off by the police. Why? Because apparently it's some local attraction, because almost every house on the block was decorated to the nth degree, with each house sporting a different theme and all sorts of decorations, music playing, sound effects, people dressed up... very nifty. I'll post photos later. :)

So we had a good time, overall. That street was awesome and when I'm not so tired I'll post more details and the photos. I'm off to sleep now. G'nite.
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